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I just wanted to let you know that my husband is amazed by the V-Line. I forwarded your name and handle onto many people I know that I think would enjoy your product..... I trust you and they should to... Your Canadian neighbour and buyer.

Posted By: Lauren

the V-Line is one of the greatest time and labor saving devices I have ever seen (since the invention of the circular saw) I purchased two a couple of month's ago and my brother took the first one the first week we used it, the other is under lock and key, If I cut straight , angled , or combo lines on flat board's (plywood, sheetrock, Paneling, etc) I always use the V-Line to make my mark, it is wonderful. I hope I never have to be without one Every Carpenter(pro or novice) deserves at least one of these, thanks so much and keep them coming! (Pay attention Home depot and WalMart) A Grateful Customer, Morris Deaton, El Dorado, Arkansas

Posted By: Mdgunny

I’m so pleased that I bought six of them, they are all being used on a daily basis, Just like our Measuring tapes it has become a basic tool in my crew's bag's. when you get the 1.5 let me know, thanks

Posted By: oneof150

I just wanted to thank you for coming up with such a handy tool, I have seen it before but wasn't quite sure about it I've Started a 4,000 sf. home and I came across it again, well I wanted to give it a try so I bought one ,hoping it would get here in time to start the roof decking 3 days after I ordered it I received it, the day before we started decking, the guy's on the crew kind of chuckled when I brought it out, until they tried it, the v-line is an unbelievable time saver, the house had hip's valley's gable's everything to give this thing a real trial test, we have 5 guy's on our crew so on one side of the house there were two guy's cutting and toting and one guy on the roof, on the other side of the house, there was me( and the v-line) cutting and toting and one guy on the roof, we had absolutely no problem keeping up "that’s three against two and the v-line" any one who has any doubt's or suspicion's need's to try it out on one job, My sincere thanks William. ( yea its funny when they chuckle) till they see you use it and ask to borrow it

Posted By: Codebluebeer

I am a framer in rapid city SD and have 3 employee's, I bought 5 of your v-line's and gave 1 to my guy's and told them to try it, they were all, amazed at how easy and how well the v-line worked for them, I also am going to purchase more of the v-lines for another framing crew that help's me on the larger roof's that we do, good job on the v-line's and thank's

Posted By: Scuffy555

Hi great tool, when I passed them out on the job site, I asked if Anyone knew what this tool was for.. My lead man walked right over clipped it on a piece of OSBsb and stuck his tape on it.. I said try your chalk line... there were so many oooh's and aaahs you would have thought we were watching firework's, we have already used the tool on one roof... What a time saver And unlike a nail or a coworker it work's every time and you don't have to go looking for it. (the tape holder function is great on windy days)

Posted By: sbartels2

Just like thank you for a great tool received it thurs tried it friday threw out my 8' straight edge saturday and sold one of the other three I bought saturday afternoon. I think this will catch on in the UK. I will tell everyone on every site I go on in future.

Posted By: Phil

I'm a carpenter in the uk & this tool is a must it limits down time it's a fantastic multi purpose spare pair of hands,desinged by contractors for contractors,good quality,strong construction,so simple but such an effective tool,TRY 1 YOU'LL BUY 1,. I look forward to dealing with you again.

Posted By: John

Im a Builder in Michigan. I saw this on you tube and headed straight over to ebay to buy one. I think it arrived 2 days after I paid for it. This is a great, small, light weight tool that saves you all kinds of time. Saves you tons of frustration as well. Its small and light weight, but its quality built. I will be showing this off to everyone I know.. Thanks

Posted By: Anonymous